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    Hey guys, I hope someone can help me out here. You all seem to be very savvy with computers.

    My buddy just got a laptop for his wife, he had "geek squad" install the Vista Premium so he would not have to.

    I am trying to connect him to his Netgear Wireless router.
    I keep inputting the WEP key but it then asks for a Username, Password and Domain?

    I have the same router and have connected my wife's laptop to it and never had the message pop up.

    Does any one know what this is? Or how I can bypass it?

    FYI, both our wives laptops are Dell Inspiron. I can also connect on an unsecure wireless connection but obviously that is not ideal.

    I am no genuis at computing but I do know how to do stuff like this.
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    Domain information is usually asked for network connection, as in, you are joining into a network, not your wireless configuration. Did you set up the wireless configuration correctly?
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    I am pretty sure I did it the same way as I did for my wife's laptop. I have also searched the internet and found no instance of my problem.

    I am going over to his house to reset pretty much everything and start from scratch just to make sure.

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