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    Love the idea of going refurbished. Thanks, everyone!
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    Gateways customer support has been very lacking recently. We'll see if Ted gets things back on track.

    I don't like Compaqs because of all the extra crap they load at startup, most of which is almost impossible to remove.

    I have to say, were I going to subject myself to windows abuse, I'd go Dell right now.

    I'll warn against the low end HP's (in the tiny Compaq case). Computers have had (traditionally) 200 to 250 watt power supplies. The low end HP's have 100 and are replacing them with 95's. We've had to replace quite a few at work. They're nice and proprietary, too, so we have to put in another power supply that will maybe last a year if you don't turn it on.

    I think you'd be better served either building one yourself, waiting a while until you have more money, or go linux.
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    Re: gateway:

    You can't provide much help when you have to get the person off the phone within 13 minutes. Which was the rule with the old regime.

    According to newsgroup reports, they are better.

    BTW, I own 2 gateways (3 overall). Never had to use tech support on these two, so I cabn't jugde either way.

    Here is gateways reman pcs:
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    Originally posted by Morris
    Love the idea of going refurbished. Thanks, everyone!
    You're welcome!

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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