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    The title was intentinally provocative, but the concept makes sense (in my head).

    When women entered the work force, they were not compensated the same as men. This resulted from (1) not having equal opportunities to the same work; and (2) not receiving the same pay for the same work. As aresult, women's contributions to Social Security was lower than that of men.

    Couple that with the fact that women have longer life expectancy than men, and you have a recipient class that contributes less but draws down more.

    It's overly simplistic, yet it seems reasonable (again, in my head)

    What do you think?
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    Women at home, men work

    SS contribution 100 units
    SS withdrawal 150 units

    Women and Men work

    SS contribution 170 units
    SS withdrawal 170 units

    Its not like all the women would stop drawing social security if the did not work, or would stop living longer.


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