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    I thought I was being good and diligent(sp?) and doing the right thing... I bought a 500GB HDD external to back up all my PC's to. One day my son or dog I cant remember which now knocked it off of the coffee table it was resting on.

    Ever since it wont spin up. OS wont recognize the drive etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how or who to send this to to fix it for a reasonable price?
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    If it won't spin there is probably not much you could do yourself. If it does spin there are several recovery programs that will basically go sector by sector of a crashed HD and pull the data and reconstruct whatever it can on you good drive in it's own folder. Depending on the amount of data and how damaged your HD drive be prepared for this recover process to take anywhere from 2 days to over a week of 24/7 processing.

    If it will not spin there are companies that can recover the data. I looked at this option about 3 years ago and it was fairly spendy. It would then come down to monetary value vs data / personal value of the files on the HD.

    As a future reference, this is what I am seriously looking at....Carbonite Online Backup with no storage limit. I currently use Best Buy Geek Squad for off site backup, but for the same price they limit it to only 5 GB.

    EDIT: Here is a good article about Carbonite with a link for the first month free with no credit card needed.
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    I signed up for Carbonite for a month for free using the links above. It says on average it takes 24 hours per 3 GB to back up. Then it only backups any files that are added or changed after that. Since I have a LOT of pictures and other large files, it is going to back up something like 150 gb. If that ratio holds true then it will take something 50 days to do my initial full backup! I always use DVDs to backup my pictures, My Documents, PST files, etc... but at $4.17 a month this is good backup option IMHO. I should post back when it is does complete to see how long it does take.
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    Im wondering if its by password or is it by computer? Reason I ask is, thats what I bought the darn thing in the first place for to backup all my PC's on my network. (6 if you include 2 additional removable HDD's).

    If its by PC than I guess Id have to take out each drive and hook it up to this neato external drive runner I bought. and run each thru one PC. If its by password than I can just load it onto each PC and go from there.

    Youre right it does sound efficient for the cost.
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    I think it is managed by PC.....but not sure yet how it all works in detail as I am still doing my initial upload. But if it is by PC....maybe if you have a network you might be able to map to a drive and use it that way. They could prevent that if they wanted to, but I have never tried it.

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