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    I was just wondering if anyone might have any insight on this. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I just put it in the Off Topic Category...

    I designed a monthly excel sheet, with 31 tabs for each day of the month, and every day it is filled out and saved in a network folder. A few weeks ago when it was opened we realized that the minimize, restore and close buttons at the top right of the window are GONE. Also, you are unable to drag the non-maximized windo around. To close it and have excel stay open, you have to go to File - Close.

    Has anyone seen this, or have any suggestions? It's a Winxp computer running Excel 2000.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have seen this before, usually associated with with large spreadsheets. Best addressed if you upgrade to the next Office release, i.e. Office 2002, 2003 or XP version. Have you applied all the patches for your Office 2000 version?
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    It's actually on a corporately owned computer, so I have no control over the software... I am going to try openoffice that I installed on my flash drive to see if that helps. I'll post my results...

    Thanks for your quick response!
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