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    Often, the richest legacies spring forth from the poorest circumstances.
    Such is the case with the Shaw High School Marching Band.

    Hailing from one of the most economically depressed areas in the country (East Cleveland, Ohio) this group of talented and determined students has risen to heights of excellence. Having won numerous competitions across the nation, the Shaw Band now has its sights set on the international stage, specifically, Beijing China for the 2008 Olympics.

    The Cardinals, under the direction of Alumnus, Donshon Wilson (c/o 1988) are one of only 5 high school bands invited to perform at this summer's festivities. The invitation comes with a price tag of $220,000 which they need by March 13th.

    They have already raised $73,000. This alum (c/o 1986) is asking you to help them get the rest.

    Checks may be sent to:

    Shaw High School Marching Band
    14305 Shaw Avenue
    East Cleveland, OH 44112

    For more information, call:

    I have also set up an email address for donations via PayPal: I will ensure all donations go to the band.

    Thank you for your assistance!

    You can watch a slide show of the group at a basketball game:

    The full article is here:
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    Thanks for the heads up shop'. Count me in.

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    Thanks, Perry.
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    bump. +1 ;-)
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    Thanx to both of you for your generosity.
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    You have a PM.
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    Amazing story! Found this update online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qwalls View Post
    Amazing story! Found this update online.

    Thanx again to those who contributed!

    I wasn't aware that the donation was tax deductible. Hopefully, you saved your Paypal receipt. If not, I have the records and can request a receipt from the school district (though, based on the update, it may take a while)

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