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    I am moving into a new house in about a month. It is located directly across the street from the public park. The park offers "Free Wifi" - very cool!

    Standing in the front corner of my front yard - my notebook picks up 1 bar of signal from the hot-spot across the street. Not enough to browse the internet..

    I would like to purchase some sort of device such as a Wireless Range Extender
    that will allow me to pick up, and then re-distribute the signal throughout my house. Or act as a "relay station".

    Is there another solution that would work better? I would be willing to put an antenna on the roof if necessary!

    And, again as this network is offered for free - i certainly dont think this is wrong, and definitely not stealing.

    help a brother out! $50/month is a big deal to me..
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    BUMP! Anyone???
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    a buddy of mine uses that exact extender with good results.

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