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    I live in the NW, but I travel a lot for work and go to a love movies when possible on the road. I never noticed this as a cultural phenoman with any specific ethinicity, but more targeted at the demographics of age as pointed out already.

    In nearly every single case I have seen this, it has been a teenage girl who seemed clueless to anything outside of her own 3 foot bubble around her....or some teenage boy who seemed to think it was either cool or being tuff with not caring how he effected others (both boiling down to just wanting to impress his friends sitting on each side of him).

    The other few exceptions outside of the situations above is just some clueless, thoughtless, self absorbed person.

    No matter the case it boils down to everyone being an "Oblivion". Oblivions are people so oblivious to their surroundings that they are rude and inconsiderate but never know it (or don't care about it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by logmein View Post
    How about the other poster editing "WASP" from his post as well. I mean we do want to be fair here, right? Lets be thorough and get rid of all the namecalling here, shall we?
    WASP = White Anglo Saxon Protestant, pretty innocuous I think. If SAND means Suck A .. (and so on), then its not so much.

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    This discussion has gone far enough...
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