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    Do you even do them anymore? If so what have you resolved to do this year?

    I am still working on mine, so I look forward to yours as suggestions!
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    Pay off our house.
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    Pay off everything else but the house...then I will work on the house.
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    We just had a financial planner come talk to me and my wife. She brought up an idea called debt stacking. In this way of paying off debt, you assign a certain amount of money to pay off each debt each money. Then as you pay off a debt, you don't pocket the difference, you use the extra money to accellerate the pay off of another one of the debts.

    And she also recommended using raises to pay off debt and to save.

    They were familiar concepts but putting it on paper for us was eye opening.
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    I don't make them. When I see a need to make an adjustment, I make it, no matter the day.

    Incidentally, RogerDodger, my wife introduced that method of debt reduction to our financial circumstances a few years ago. It is quite effective. The rate of reduction grows exponentially. We also frequently direct raises and gifts into investments, savings or debt reudction (anything but current expenses).
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    I don't need them...I'm already perfect
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    I have never made a new years resolution until this year. Im going to make an attempt to be a little more healthy. Well see how far that lasts.
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    ...don't make any more new year's resolutions.

    ...But I'll probably only stick to that one for a year. (ducks)
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    I was trying to give up abstinence but the wife was not at all agreeable.
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