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    50% more people browsed w/iPhone than with WM in November. I really wonder if these numbers are correct considering the number of WM devices already on the market.

    And this sounds a "little" bias:

    "This result is almost shocking, until you consider the browsing experience on a Windows Mobile device," said Vincent Vizzaccaro, Net Applications' vice president of marketing, in an e-mail. "Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile is a stripped down, inferior product that is almost unusable. And while Opera offers a very nice mobile version of its browser, it's usually not included on Windows Mobile devices."

    Gee, the web works fine on my Q. Frankly, I do not like full website versions on my phone, too damn hard to view/read!
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    I think it is fair... look at where MS and the hardware builders have been for the last decade: Small screens, browser interface not updated, large unpopular devices, and companies who include all their "wonderful updates" to MS's OS.

    What does Jobs do? Tells ATT, this is our device... 100% the Mac way... different from MS but it ends with a better experience for the end-user.

    Browsing the web on my treo 700wx is pain... actually I can't even use the browser now thanks to the sprint update I installed a couple of weeks ago...
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    I think there is some truth to the point that the IE mobi version is not a good users experience for non-mobi sites. And that the iPhone browser is more usable for normal websites.

    I introduced a couple of Microsoft accountants to DeepFish and now they browse much more than before.
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    I too found this odd, and raised the issue when it was reported over at

    Some problems:
    1) Several WM users hack PIE to appear as IE6, so they can access other sites, so the site may not always register that PIE is being used.

    2) The iPhone runs all 3rd party apps in Safari browser, so any app that pulls info off the web is by default "using safari". I'm not sure if this applies to e-mail, but overall it could lead to an overestimation of browser usage - how many "browsers" are actually browsing?
    3) There are a ton of other ways to access the web on a WM device - such as other browsers (opera), streaming media programs (WMP, TCPMP) etc. All of this is done in safari on the iPhone, but doesn't register as PIE in WM.

    Bottom line - some ***** analyst thought it would be good to hear that iPhone had taken over WM (probably to compensate for mac' having less than 5% of the PC market overall). Betcha the real facts (# of smartphone users vs. iPhone users) spek otherwise.
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    When I am watching TV and get into an argument over some sort of obscure fact, or am interested in finding out a quick tidbit of info I grab my treo before my itouch every time.

    You cannot deny the treos ability to find info so fast. From launching pie, to scrolling through input fields and entering in data via the qwerty. Microsoft live (now with voice command) is extremely efficient as well.

    The itouch is great at providing a close-to-desktop experience on a small screen but in terms of speed with accuracy the WX trounces it.

    Once you learn the limitations of the pie, what it can and cant do it becomes an extremely useful tool.

    It probably boils down to the fact that hardbuttons are going to be faster and more accurate than touchscreens every time. IMO
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