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    I am working on making a wireless version of my company's site (in my spare time) and wanted to have some input on its usability and functionality. If you have some time, and would be interested in giving me some feedback and possibly suggestions on improvement, I would be grateful.

    I would really like to have any users from the Baltimore/DC/Northern VA region, as it is our market area and particularly comments from folks familiar with my company would be very well received.

    I hopt this doesn't break the unwritten VC rules about advertising, I simply want to get some good beta testers, and this is most definitely the place to find them, as opposed to other PDA sites that seem to cater to the palm/visor/ppc flame wars...

    If you are interested, contact me either here or at for more details on the project.

    Thanks again!
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    off-topic but ...

    does anyone remember the Beta VCR's from the 80's?

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Originally posted by namja
    does anyone remember the Beta VCR's from the 80's?
    My local Target had Beta tapes in their clearance aisle a month or two ago!
    Matt Nichols

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