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    Where's Munk? He should be gloating as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Advance The Man View Post
    Napoleon Monkey - it has been too long. I'm glad to see the avatar is alive and well! I had ran out of cynical comebacks so took a well deserved break. Now got to figure out who the current misguided liberals that are active to pick on (besides you )!

    As some of you maybe figured out when I emotionally exclaimed “Daddy !!” at Advance’s surprise appearance here today, I have some things about my past that I should maybe clarify.

    First -- as aprasad referenced, I have a fraternal twin brother: Munk. He was always the more popular, the more handsome one. I hate him. We no longer speak or have anything to do with each other. We share birthdays, May 30th (we’re Geminis) and a mum -- but we have different dads.

    You see our mum -- she was what you can call a little bit promiscuous -- something I was a little angry about for a while -- but truthfully, its kind of no big thing in our species really.

    Anyway -- (I have never revealed this publicly before) -- but as you can probably tell by Advance’s picture, there’s something about him and me that’s not the same...

    A few weeks ago in a thread godjeda wondered why I was so sensitive to comments he’d made about Barack Obama’s “pedigree”.

    Well his words struck for me a particularly sensitive and personal nerve. Like some other great figures in history, (and this is a kinda hard to talk about), I’m the product of a mixed heritage. Like Barack Obama, like Spock -- I’m a bit of a hybrid...

    You see, (and I’m going to get a little emotional here, revealing this), you see, as you can probably tell by Advance’s picture -- the problem is, its no big thing really -- but as you can probably tell by his picture, Advance, my Dad, he is not a Corsican...
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