Okay...I know I just posted this in the Cool Science Thread.....but I thought this was worthy of it's own thread. This is potentially huge.

Meet the supermouse bred by genetic scientists that CAN'T get cancer

Mice resistant to cancer have been created in a breakthrough that could lead to a human treatment free of side-effects.

A protein produced by the creatures may hold the key to a future therapy.

It attacks tumour cells, but does not harm healthy tissue in the body.


These creatures were found to be immune to many forms of the disease, such as cancer of the liver and prostate, the journal Cancer Research reports.......Crucially, the animals did not suffer any visible side-effects, the U.S. scientists said.


In time, it may be possible to adapt the method to treat people, with the gene, or a similar gene, being introduced into the body through bone marrow transplants.

But such a treatment is at least ten years away.

of course after reading Next you can't help but wonder....