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    I have been browsing the Black Friday ads and a lot of GPS systems are on sale. I wanted to get one for my brother. (He doesnt have a treo or anything. ) I've heard eveything is so cheap because they are coming out with newmodels/technology, but regardless of the reason, they are very affordable now, as most are half off or more. Anyway..of the major brands...tomtom...garmin... magellan...which one is best? Is there one brand that you cant go wrong with regardless of the model #? Is there any particular one or brand to avoid? It doesnt have to be name brand, so is there an off-brand that is particularly good?

    I'd like to avoid a subscription fee if possible. He's a truck driver and he doesnt use the pc at all but I can download maps for him. I see a lot of Garmin half off or more, most 250 and below, but the model numbers vary from add to ad, as well as the screen size for most of them. I dont know anything about gps systems, so I dont know what to look for and what to avoid. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
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    I have been told by my gps buddies their preference is:

    1.) Garmin
    2.) Tom Tom
    3.) Magellan

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