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    I am seriously considering taking the plunge into the HDTV arena this year, and so far, the sony bravia xbr4, 5 models seem to be the best sets overall. Close contenders are samsung, sharp and pioneer.

    What really got my attention while researching online was this link to sharp`s unveiling of its thinnest lcd screen yet, only 2 cm thick.
    It would be comparable to a work of art on the wall. It wont be available for a few years, but it makes one consider waiting.,584-...d,0/video.html

    Ive been using the, and for ratings on the best sets available to date, but they seem at times to be slightly behind the latest and greatest models from each brand.

    What are some other respectable hdtv review sites which compare the latest tvs side by side?
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    Another potentially great technology that is held up by lawsuits: SED
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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