This Treo forum rocks! I've been lurking around for awhile and finally have a question to ask but it's not related to the Treo

I wanted to ask peoples opinions on something I came across about getting a free car to drive in exchange for having the it being covered in a big ad like a billboard. You just need to pay the gas and insurance.

My girlfriend and I need a good second car so this seems like it might be something practical for us to consider... if we can put up with the outrageous paint job. :-)

The article I read is located at http://viewthe.info/Free_Car.html There's a couple of links there to find out if we qualify for one and it looks like we have a few in our area.

Anyway, the question I have is, has anyone ever tried this and if so, what did it feel like driving around with that giant ad? Did you get many negative looks or comments? What were people's reactions like?

I personally wouldn't care but the girlfriend is a little leary....

Any comments or opinions anyone?