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    Originally posted by ashmed
    You could spend your time doing something productive, maybe work on some programming skills. Hacking will only get you into jail. And besides what's the point to hacking into yahoo and all those other ones? You get your name on their frontpage for a few hours before they fix it? Big deal, already been done.
    I'm sorry, that was not meant to be taken seriously. But if you decide too, I'm also the guy who wrote all of the famous hacking programs, too. I have a separate base station overseas in Taiwan if the feds catch me. I'm also selling secrets to the Russians, Chinese, Elbonians, and don't forget, the hilarious people in "Seattle!"

    Here's a suggestion... souped up civic owners can use their stickers as "decals!" Your friends will flip once they see your "Handspring Edition" Civic! I mean... that's just "whack!"
    <b><font size=1 color=teal>"Sorry about the whole thing about losing your life savings, but that Palmpilot is property of Enron, so please give it back"
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    the thread idea is cool, but maybe the examples could've stayed in bblue's head

    it's also been discussed before, of course --
    this past April, last July, March 2000, January 2000 (twice), and waaay back in Nov. 1999.

    Indeed, and since this thread is leading nowhere, I'm closing it.

    Bblue, if you want to stay a member on VC, clean up your act.
    Everybody is getting tired of your behaviour here.
    I've seen a couple of post where you prove you can act normal, please do.....
    Consider this an official warning...
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    Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped?
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