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    HobbesIsReal.... GREAT screen shots from the original Omega Man with Charlton Heston... thanks for posting those! REAL actors/zombies are always going to be FAR more creepy and convincing than CGI. Even my 12 yr old son pointed it out when he said, "Dad, they should have used real people for the close stuff and made the mob in the background CGI." Smart kid, if I do say so myself

    At any rate, is anyone familiar with the BOOK "I Am Legend"? If so, and if you've seen the movie, which story do you prefer? Like I said in a previous post, the title has a completely different meaning in the book than it does in either movie.
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    So I saw it yesterday. It was okay, not the more I think about it, it sort of sucks. Here's the is shot in first person POV, as if it is really happening, but so many events are not realistic (given the type of movie)

    Examples that stuck out:

    - The tap they fought of the creatures in the tunnel...they would have been toast.

    - Breaking into the water machine in the break room with a crow bar so fast.

    - Two vending machines in the break room...blatant product placement where "reality" was changed to fit advertising. The game goes for all the Nokia stuff.

    - The Army having a crash hospital set up so fast.

    - The size of the monster keeps changing. And an organic life down completely impervious to all weapons was silly.

    I could go on...the Miracle Mile ending dialogue came off flat.

    I'm sure this will make the money, but it is typical over substance.

    If you are going to make a "reality" movie, then is should be realistic.

    Where was the f-word? That would be the used quite a bit...not "Oh, did you see that! Oh sh-eee-t!", but rather "Did you seeing that f-orquing thing? That's a forqing monster!"

    But that would have blown the pg-13 rating....

    It's funny...the CGI for the destruction of buildings and stuff was very good, but the monsters seemed weak (relative to what can be done today). Almost in the same realm as "The Mist". Then again, I'm pretty much in the camp that real-life monsters or models are always more menacing than CGI. (see "I am Legend" vs. "28 Days Later" for example.

    All said, it was a well made effort, but the holes really stood out.
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    cloverfield. it was ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BARYE View Post
    There Will Be Blood

    effortlessly plays out over a span of about 2 hours -- telling a tale about the rise and life of an american prospector and entrepreneur. He’s a maniacal CEO who makes Bill Gates seem like Mother Teresa. He's cynical, hard, and merciless.

    Daniel Day Lewis’ performance is compelling -- he absorbs the screen even when he’s doing nothing. The story is driven by him, by a beast barely constrained by success.

    (there’s not, btw, much blood. But what of it there is, is memorable.)

    On a 0-100 scale, I'd give it a: 71
    Finally got to see this; it is still pulling audiences.

    Very good; it is slow and methodical, like a novel. Could have been compressed into 2 hours and still have been okay, but the scenes move deliberately.

    I found the sadness/tenderness was just as profound as the cynacism and competitive drive.

    Excellent performances, from Daniel Day Lewis, as well as those around him. Extreme without being over-the-top/campy.

    Lewis will get the Oscar; he carried the film.
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    Baby Mama

    is the best movie comedy from the Saturday Night Live cast that I've seen in a very long while.

    Well written and well acted, it neither takes itself too seriously, nor does it reflexively resort to cardboard caricatures to make easy comedic pratfalls.

    Tina Fey is an unmarried successful executive who wants to become prego, but can't.

    In desperatation she eventually contracts with Amy Poehler to surrogate the deed.

    The film has many funny and charming moments -- as well as some very witty small parts from people like Steve Martin (who plays Tina's boss -- in a very funny send up of Steve Jobs).

    Very much worth seeing.

    On a 0-100 scale, I'd give it a: 76

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    If you liked Rendition, you're gonna love Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay due out next summer!!
    Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    Wrong !!

    on two counts...

    First, I saw it tonight -- and second, and it didn't make laugh much (and I don't think it was just the pre-show intrusive cavite search for hidden recording devices that put me off my mood either...)

    The two leads are as charming and fun to engage with as before -- and the plot -- such as it is -- seems sufficiently promising for a light comedy with ambitions of a political subtext.

    But they relentlessly surrender to the temptations of low brow, junior high boyz homo-humor. I predict that they will win the prize for the most semi-gayish pennis jokes of any other comedy this year. Bravo.

    There are good moments. I regularly chuckled at the performance of a Daily Show alumnus as a homeland security agent.

    And there are other fun cameos -- one with the Dougie Houser dude is ok -- even though I don't know the references.

    Bottom line: I hardly laughed, the fat guy next to me snored when he wasn't noisily gulping candy, and the orifice checking lacked for a good grade of stimulating lubricant.

    Go see Baby Moma instead.

    On a 0-100 scale, I'd give it a: 53
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    Alien vs. Hunter. Wow what an excellent movie!

    Ok, not really. I almost feel ashamed that I fell for that old trick... name a movie close to something else...

    Within the first 5 minutes, I knew something was amiss. Fast forwarding, the alien and hunter looked like something I'd made in paper mache class 20 years ago.

    Although, I did watch alien vs. predator two nights ago... it was ok... not as good as it should have been.
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    was a low key quiet comedy that regularly had me chuckling out loud.

    Eschewing the idiotic freshmen humor of an Escape From Guantanimo, it relies instead on good writing and clever restrained performances from a terrific ensemble cast.

    A movie about the travails and aspirations of an assistant manager at a grocery to get promoted to full manager, would seem on the surface an unpromising premise for a feature film.

    Yet somehow it succeeds with hilarity.

    John C. Reilly plays a Canadian "import", Fred Armisen (from SNL), Seann William Scott, and Lily Taylor...

    (Unfortunately not sure when this film this film is scheduled for release ...)

    On a 0-100 scale, I'd give it a: 80
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    SuperBad - Funny as hell.

    Dragon Wars - Slow and boring (I was really disappointed).
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    Next was a very good movie... better than what I thought it would be... lol...
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    is a good film.

    Funny, well written, entertaining.

    Its also well meaning.

    Its constructs a not too far fetched tale of a Presidential election that ends in a draw in the electoral college -- with the race to be determined by the revote of a single voter whose original "vote" was uncounted because of an electronic voting machine mishap.

    The plot sounded unpromising to me, and I almost did not attend the screening. And the opening 10-15 minutes where the film establishes the personalities and conditions of its characters seemed to confirm my fears.

    But then the real story begins. And its a goof -- the more so because its so close to what might really happen.

    Kelsey Grammer -- someone I’ve never watched before -- is winningly funny as a dull witted naively ambitious President, in a contest against Dennis Hopper his liberal opponent.

    The Washington crowd roared at the TV commercials each of the candidates ran in this race for this one man’s vote. These political spots were almost too good to be parodies.

    Kevin Costner (who also was one of the film’s producers and attended the screening) was fine but unexceptional. His young co-star Madeline Carroll though is very impressive. She plays his intelligent, ambitious (and plain) daughter in the film, and is largely responsible for the film’s energy and arc.

    Carroll’s an excellent actress with a lot of promise. Standing several feet from Costner in the lobby as he posed for photos (with whomever was willing), she smiled silently, mostly unnoticed. When I saw her I assumed this very pretty young girl was Costner’s daughter.

    Before the film got screened, Costner and young Madeline Carroll came up to joke around and speak to the audience. It was only then that I knew she was one of the film’s cast. This 12 yr. old girl is startlingly articulate, poised, and intelligent -- clearly mature beyond her years. She seems very much to have the potential of having Jodie Foster like career.

    One of the movie's secret pleasure's is how seamlessly it integrates a rash of celebrities playing themselves...amusingly.

    Bill Maher, Larry King, Willie Nelson, Aaron Brown, Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson, Tony Blankley, Mary Hart, Richard Petty, Arianna Huffington, Campbell Brown, Lawrence O'Donnell ... are funny because they deliver words and performances that are natural and believable -- unlike the stilted awkward stunts these appearances usually are.

    Swing Vote as a movie is aiming to do more than entertain -- clearly within its well written heart is a desire to inspire americans to become better informed, to appreciate democracy, and to participate.

    Worth seeing.

    On a 0-100 scale, I'd give it a: 82

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    The Dark Knight. Super action, Heath Ledger portrayal of Joker is way better than Nicholson. Great movie to watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000 View Post
    The Dark Knight. Super action, Heath Ledger portrayal of Joker is way better than Nicholson. Great movie to watch.
    Absolutely agree. That movie was kick ****!!
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    Eagle Eye

    was a movie I biked an hour or so to see -- in IMAX my invite promised.

    It stars Shia LaBeou, Billy Bob Thornton amongst others.

    Its meant as a thriller about how technology and a paranoid incompetent government are combining to eliminate personal privacy and liberty.

    If only this movie were half as good as that premise might make it seem.

    Though most of the tech devices used in the film are either currently real, or not impossibly far fetched -- at its heart this is a very expensive and very badly written and directed movie.

    Irrespective of any other sentiment -- a movie lives or dies first and mostly as entertainment.

    This film did not work for me.

    (oh, and the IMAXness of the film ?? Trivial. Utterly unimportant as a part of the experience...)

    On a 0-100 scale, I'd give it a: 58
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    W -- Oliver Stone's new comedy about the life and ascension of junior, tries hard to steer a path as close to documented reality as possible -- while always navigating with half an eye on parody and comedy.

    Near as I can tell almost everything in the film is entirely true -- but portrayed as though those events were seen through BARYE's eyes.

    I laughed numerous time and thought Stone was neither too harsh nor too kind to our pathetic Decider in Chief.

    I'm hopeful that eventually history will remember junior, his life, and his catastrophic Presidency through Oliver Stone's comic lens.

    I spoke to several others following the screening who were much less happy with film than me -- people who complained that it was either not funny enough, or that it went too far, or that it unfairly presented people like Condi Rice, etc.

    All of these observations are in some ways true -- but they miss Stone's intent -- which was to be both entertaining, accurate, and accusatory all within the confines of a comedy.

    The story is mostly presented with a very dry sense of humour -- and will certainly be popular with junior haters -- of which apparently there are a growing number.

    That its being released when the campaign has nearly ended implies that the film is less about influencing the election than making people remember and laugh about junior.

    My biggest complaint about W is the way it was shot -- Stone for some reason photographed much of the film VERY tightly, with a very shallow depth of focus. I'm not sure if I was the only one who either noticed or was bothered by it ...)

    On a 0-100 scale, I'd give it a: 73
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    one more thing that I should have mentioned about W --

    Stone insightfully frames the film as a journey by junior to both to win the approval of and show up his Dad.

    junior's damaged and insecure relationship with his own father is shown as what motivates his failed attempts to get into the oil business, into politics, and finally to the Presidency.

    It is ultimately what lies behind junior's determination to go to Baghdad to overthrow Sadamm -- despite his daddy's warnings not to.
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    In Bruges

    Excellent film available on DVD now.
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    Very funny and thought-provoking movie, questioning peoples assumptions about religion, and whether it's a detriment to our future.
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    Oversexed Rug Suckers from Mars

    Not the greatest peice or film in all the land, but then again I get into that. Anyone that likes that old style movies that would play on MST3K should check this thing out. It is one of those movies that is really bad in a really good way.

    Tonight will be Plan 9 From Outter Space
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