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    This photo album only recently made it's way to the holocaust museum. The images are amazing in their contrasts to the horror taking place right next door.

    Nazi Photos Outside the Death Camp
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    Thank you for sharing. These are moments in our history that must never be forgotten.

    I posted a while ago that there are still thousands upon thousands upon thousands of documents, personal journals, internal communications, secret correspondence amongst officers, etc... that are still slowly being translated and released from Nazi Germany. It is hard to believe that after 60 years it is a project still not completed. I read an article about a year ago about some new discoveries from these docs that no one knew about before and are expected to continue to reveal more of the horrors that were rationalized during this time.

    On another note there was a book that was just recently found from a prisoner in the Nazi war camps that had the largest collection of sketches from this perspect known to exist. And they done someone really talented too. The article showed a few of them and they are all be published in a book. Even though I read the article about 3 weeks ago, I cannot find it off hand.
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