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    I have discovered a online t-shirt store that amuses me terribly, and I thought that others here others here might enjoy them also.

    They are .

    The four shirts I ordered were:
    -I did not escape. I got a day pass.
    -Clones are people, two.
    -Life is to short to eat Ramen.
    and one with a poem about coffee.

    this is another of my favorites that I must acquire soon:

    Speaking of coffee, have you folks experienced Too Much Coffee Man? (
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    Now that's what I call cool. I might just have to order one of those myself.

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    Very, very cool. I'll have to order one a week, starting with:
    • Cannibalism is not a crime
    • I can't believe it's not Buddha
    • Generally feining interest
    • Please don't make eye contact with me
    • Thnik
    • Consider Kevorkian

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