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    Does anyone have anything bad to say about Netflix?

    Seeing as how the ONLY video rental stores in our neighborhood are overpriced, understocked blockbuster stores, I'm thinking of switching to Netflix...and, from what I've heard from others, it's the way to go.

    I also noticed that there are coupon codes that you can enter when you first sign up...does anyone know of some coupon deals out there?

    Finally, does anyone know if they have any plans to rent PS2 games? I tried emailing them, but they never replied (which, I suppose, is ONE drawback). Not that I need that, but it'd be a nice addition.
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    the only thing bad about netflicks is that then dont deliver to australia...

    A friend of mine is using their service and is very happy with it...
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    I've been with Netflix since February 2000 (just checked) and other than a couple of lost DVDs with their earlier packaging I can't complain. We've had several DVDs for a while since getting Dish Network though! We'll probably stick with them since we're out in the boonies and renting movies locally is more trouble than it's worth.

    Don't have any info on the coupons codes or PS2 games, sorry.
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    We signed up with Netflix when we bought our DVD player. It had a coupon for 8 free rentals. The thing is, they changed the way they rent right after we started. It used to be $0.99 for each DVD you rented, and you could have 4 out at a time. Right after we joined, they changed the policy to $19.95/month, and you could rent as many as you wanted, but could only have 4 out at one time, and the coupon was bascially for a free first month.

    I think we did that for about a year. They had other plans, for something like $24.95 you could keep 6 out at once, and $39.95/month let you have 8 out, but those seemed like more of a rip-off. Our turn-around time was about 9 days on one DVD, so if we timed it right, having 4 DVDs out at once meant that we got a new one about every 2 days. When you think about it, that's 15 DVD rentals a month for $20, which isn't bad, since it didn't matter if it was a new release or 30 years old.

    The problem is, to keep the cycle going, you have to watch the movie the day you get it, and send it back the next day. If you skip a movie, then watch 2 a night and send them both back, you have to go a week with no new movies. Then you get two at once, skip another day, now you have 3 sitting there.......we eventually cancelled for the simple fact that we didn't have time to watch a movie every other day. That, and it's hard to predict what movie you will be in the mood for in 2 weeks. So you end up with "Deep Impact", "On Golden Pond", and "Satan's Cheerleaders" sitting on the shelf for 3 weeks while you both get in the mood to watch them (ok, that last one I had to watch sans the wife). We were paying $20/month for the movies to sit there and collect dust.

    That's my experience, anyway. If you have the time, and can discipline yourself to watch the movies on schedule, go for it. It's kind of fun to scan their database and build up your queue. There were so many "Man, I haven't seen that in ages!" that I lost count. They had everything I could think of. "Hidden Fortress"? There. "Seven Samurai"? Got it. They even have the 1916 version of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (It's kind of a weird thing to watch a silent black/white (ok, brown/light brown) movie on DVD). Of course, that cool movie ends up #245 on your list, and you will get in sometime in 2004, but you can re-sort the list if you just have to have a certain one now.

    I guess I am trying to say: it's $20. Give it a try. If you don't like it, you can cancel anytime with no harm done.
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    Netflix is one of the few "killer" services on the net.

    I love it. This is the way I look at it: On average I will watch/rent about 4-5 movies a month. Most stores charge around $3-$5 per video. At that rate that would cost me anywhere from $12-$25/mth. Plus the fact that I have to take the time to go get the video, gas, traffic etc. Even if if I ended up paying an extra few bucks a month for Netflix, it would still be worth it.

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    Toolkit, YBYSAIAH, Soul Raven, Creole:

    Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated!
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    We've been with NetFlix for quite some time and have rented 100+ DVDs from them. For a while their service was terrible. It would take a week to get a DVD from Cali to Indiana, and when they received DVDs it would take them several days to process it and show up as received. They started monitoring their efficiency much more recently. I'm proud to say that it's fast again. They have consistently raised their prices though. It was orignally $15/month for 4 dvds unlimited. Than $20. Now to keep four out its $25 (for $20 you can have three out). If they raise the price anymore I will have to reconsider. I knew of several people that dropped Netflix during the efficiency issues but everything seems to be working fine now.
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    Members of the TiVo boards I visit seem to prefer over NetFlix. Their plans are cheaper for one thing, and they offer one for $14 that lets you keep out 2 movies at a time (What I would probably get). Most areas require 2-4 days.

    For Playstation 2 rentals there is a service called Red Octane, which coincidentaly recommends. They're pretty much the only one in town & are great in that they also offer import games. You pay $16.95 and can keep up to 4 games out at a time for as long as you want.
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    Homer my experiences with NetFlix are terrible. I understand that they are shipping from CA to my home in IL but I have yet to recieve 1 DVD after 3 weeks of phone calls. They report that the discs are lost very quickly which leads me to believe that they sit on them until you complain. Pretty funny that my other bills seem to find me but those damn discs never arrive? They just refunded my 10 bucks and canceled my account but 5 days later they are shipping to me again. Hope this helps but I'd stick with your local store for now.

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    We use netflix and really like it. BB sucks big time and it's worth the extra money just to not stand in line or have late fees that pile up. Netflix also has movies that BB wouldn't carry. We haven't been back to BB since getting Netflix last April.
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    Yeah,I think Netflix is better than BB.
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    Netflix is definitely better than BB.

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