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    Quote Originally Posted by BARYE View Post
    Sweden and Norway are 2 of the most prosperous nations in the world. They are also nation's with probably the lowest disparity between rich and poor.
    The same can be said to a handful of states that do not ascribe the socialist socio-economic methodology.

    Their people are as I said earlier, extremely happy and proud of that. And given that Sweden lacks almost any natural resource except for snow and fiords, its success is quite a challenge for raygunite conservatives.
    Why is that exactly?

    Japan, which is just as devoid of resources, but with the added pressures of a huge population that Sweden simply does not have, seems to have done quite well by eschewing the Swedish model.

    I suspect that most of the south american migrants in Spain are educated and culturally sophisticated -- and most have flown there from the upper strata of south american society (and are largely of Europeon descent)

    The Hispanic americans who come here in contrast, are the least educated and are culturally unsophisticated -- and have mostly arrived here by bus and on foot.
    A substantial portion of the hispanic population here (as in the United States) did not arrive on foot or scale a border wall.

    See above -- France allowed the huge influx of a distinct culturally homogenous population -- a population whose conservative intolerant culture was organically antagonistic to France's hyper liberal, uber sophisticated, modern one.
    Of course, it can be said that France, for her part, did not make any demonstrable effort to integrate those populations.

    Despite the fact that most of these people already spoke French, once a population reaches a certain critical mass of quantity and concentration, cultural integration becomes immeasurably harder.

    In the US the same phenomenon could occur.
    Well, it has not happened, and I would say if it has not happened by now, it will probably never occur.

    As long as a country does a good job of assimilating ex-pats, the numbers do not particularly matter. Granted, the US, being a much larger country than France in every sense of the word, has an enhanced capacity to assimilate bigger populations. Then there is Britain which, if I recall correctly, is a slightly smaller country (population wise) than France, yet has quite a large, but less radicalized immigrant population than France does.

    I agree with your assertion that immigration policy is a source of France's cultural woes. I feel that the problem is more complex than that though.
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