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    I hate Djork! Oops, I mean Bjork.

    This is a face that only a taxidermist could love:

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    Bjork's odd, I'll give you that. But I like her & respect her. When she does things that are jarring (like that ugly, ugly picture), they're usually for a reason as opposed to the standard "I'll shock you and call it art and call myself a radical!" mentality you see so often today. Although, without a little more context, it's hard to see what the point of that is!!

    ...Maybe it's because she's so hot, she is just trying to refocus our attention from her stunning beauty...

    ...or maybe she's trying to gross out them stalkers & reporters who've been bugging her...

    ...There's a great article on her at
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    aren't we all freaks to those who are unlike us?
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    Originally posted by foo fighter
    I hate Djork! Oops, I mean Bjork.

    This is a face that only a taxidermist could love:

    It may be a face that only a taxidermist could love but it's still worth a lot of money. Makes no difference how it looks if it still sells records.
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    Bjork's music is different. She blends instruments I've never heard combined. Her lyrics are colored with her icelandic accent. And she still surprises even those who have followed her since her departure from the Sugarcubes. I often find myself enjoying her music or the remixes she or others have done. I'd admit that that picture you posted is a might awful but she also has some beautiful simple photos of her that give an entirely opposite feel to them. (Like the cover of Debut.)
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    She may be a freak, but she's a highly original vocalist and a terrific actress. Her performance in Dancer in the Dark was amazing.
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    Bjork is eccentric, Michael Jackson is a freak.
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    Yup, she is unconventional, to say the least, but her music is fresh, dense, and challenging. Give Post a listen.
    I'm pretty sure she's a natural (rather than studied) musician.
    But if your trip is Foo Fighters, I can see you having trouble with her.
    Ain't variety what it's about?
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    Well, don't you just HATE it when you go to McDonalds ( Sir-Donald of Hamburg for you people on the other end of the world ) and you ask for a burger, but by golly they stick the mayo on the top, and the ketchup on the bottom? I mean, I HATE THAT! I have to turn my burger UPSIDE DOWN to eat it! I mean, I HATE THAT! Then you take it up to the waitress, and by golly you just KNOW she's there to help! I say "LADY, GIMME MY CHICKEN NUGGETS" and she's like "NO!" and I say "ALL RIGHT THEN! THEN YOU KNOW WHAT TIME "COPS" IS ON TONIGHT?" and she says "8:00!" True Story!

    Oh wait, what was this post about?
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    Ok, I was just having a little Friday fun. Bjork may not be a freak, but that picture had me on the floor laughing. I got it off of the AvantGo channel.

    Since some of you think she is a revolutionary, I made a peace offering:
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    I've decided to become enigmatic.

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