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    It probably would have been better to let the whole system collapse. The bread line awaits us all, may be even Barney himself.
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    under the theory that even broken clocks tell the truth twice a day, I feel compelled to quote Bill Krystal, Conservative intellectual, Palin and Dan Quayle confidante, advocate for the contrived war on Iraq:

    "...I donít see why conservatives ought to defend a system that permits securitizing mortgages (or car loans) in a way that seems to make the lenders almost unaccountable for the risk while spreading it, toxically, everywhere else. I donít see why a commitment to free markets requires permitting banks or bank-like institutions to leverage their assets at 30 to 1. Thereís nothing conservative about letting free markets degenerate into something close to Karl Marxís vision of an atomizing, irresponsible and self-devouring capitalism..."
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