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    My laptop gets really hot sometimes so I bought a laptop cooling fan. To help cool my laptop so it runs more efficiently and according to the Microcenter sales associate my laptop will run faster too. Now heres my question.

    The fan can suck air away from the bottom of the computer or blow air towards the computer. Which is setup is the most efficient?

    By default the unit pulls air from the bottom of my laptop. Should I change it around?

    Also my computers built in fan located on the right side near the back blows air out when its on. If it helps I have Acer Aspire 5000 15.4 inch it just your typical run of the mill laptop nothing specail.

    Thanks guys in advanced
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    mine pulls..never thought to flip it over
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    My Laptop keeps pretty cool as long as I keep the ventilation on the bottom free from blockage. It only gets hot if its on my lap where my thigh blocks the ventilation or if I am laying on the bead smothering it into my bed sheets causes blockage causing intense heat. If I keep the bottom vents free from obstruction it says quite cool via solid table or when on my lap I make sure my leg isn't blocking. Its been that way with the last two laptops I have owned...they only seem to get hot if your sufficating them IMHO with my past experience.
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    Try buying an adhesive heat strip, stick it to the bottom and let us know the results.

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