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    I am shopping for a stand along automotive GPS for my dad. He wants the turn by turn directions and prefers Garmin. I started to do some research and finding out there are a ton of Garmins in this catogory. Any lend a hand to some good reviews sites? What is the difference between the nuvi and the regular units? Good prices and places to shop etc?

    I have looked into the gps store and gps reviews to get started.


    May the Pda be with you!!
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    I just got the nuvi 660 with bluetooth text to speech, etc. for 600 from sams club. worth every penny and garmin is sending me the 2008 updated maps for free. great 4.3 inch screen viewable in bright sunlight. much better than tom tom.. neighbor has the nuvi 340 which is a smaller screen and no bluetooth. check out
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    GARMIN it may cost a bit more, but they are alot better then other devices.
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    the streetpilot series are all really good since the maps are built in to the unit

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