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    Hey Everyone

    I've been researching colleges and universities lately. I believe I'd like to study Information Systems (or is it Science?)--networking and the likes. I live in North-Central Indiana so the closest university that I'm considering is Purdue. There are other smaller private liberal arts colleges in Indiana too (Butler, DePauw). I've also heard good things about U.of Il. Urbana-Champaign. My question for you guys--since a lot of you are college educated and might have extensive knowledge in this field--is what colleges or universities can you recommend? I currently have between an A and A- GPA (10.5 on 12 scale) so I have a somewhat good academic record so hopefully that gives me options. I also will graduate with an Academic Honors diploma (highest my school offers). All suggestions and comments are welcome!

    Thanks you for your help!
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    I went to University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) for my IFSM degree. UMBC is known for their Computer Science programs, and the IFSM (Information Systems Management) program is no exception. Great program, great teachers and a good foundation for the real world. I would highly recommend taking a look at them.

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