If anyone doesn't know (that would be most of you) I run a tiny site called pockettoons. pockettoons.cjb.net I have sort of, in a tacit way, allowed for other people to enter their submissions to the website, but it's never really been announced.

Anyway, I would like for people to submit TealMovie cartoons they made to me. (My email is on the site) You can get a free trial of Flash , and make your cartoon, and submit it to pockettoons to let others view it, turning it into more of a portal site.

The one question is, I've sugguested it, would anyone actually DO it? They don't need to be good, just funny.

You can get tealmovie & the encoder from Palmgear.com , or any other website. BEWARE, it only runs on crappy OS's (i.e. Windows only) so Mac users can send me the .avi or .mov format (you have to export it to that file) and I can encode it for you.

Tell me what you think.