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    I know this is somewhat off-topic, but the good people of WMExperts/TreoCentral helped me quite a lot in the past, so I am hoping someone here knows and can help.

    I am looking for an MP3 player to go with my new Motorola S9 Bluetooth headphones...

    So the requirements are pretty basic, play MP3 and support Bluetooth...

    I googled and googled and could only find old (2005, 2006) references to Samsung but nothing that is currently being sold in the US.

    Anyone knows?

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    maybe they have solutions. I thought there was a bluetooth adapter out there for ipods.
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    they have the worst product name i've heard in a few years, the iMuff but this looks like a good solution. I haven't tried it yet though.

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    treo 755p with pockettunes and SAG?
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    You may have to order these online because they're in short supply in the US stores it seems. But the Insignia Video has a BT model, and so does the Samsung YP-T9(as you've already mentioned). Samsung is better IMO, but the BT may only be for Asia. I'm not sure though. Maybe you can get it from an importer.
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    Thanks Diva, I'm still looking for either one, was not able to find an importer in the US, but they both look like a great solution.

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