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    Network Management Software --> Microsoft SMS & HP Openview

    Where can I learn more about network management software? In particular, I'd like to know more about Microsoft SMS and HP Openview. Basically what the features are of each, pro's and con's, and how and where they have been implemented.

    Can anyone give me any suggestions? I can't even find a good book on network managment software...

    Thanks in advance!
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    SMS Info:

    There are books out there on SMS. Check Amazon and the other big bookstores.

    HP Openview? Check out HPs site.
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    Biggest question is the type of environment you're going to be in. If you're in an 100% Microsoft environment, then SMS might be better for you. HP Openview can handle mixed environments, though.
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    I use HP Openview and I integrated a software, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway into the system.

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