Has anyone here played Helbreath? It's an old (but very) fun to play MMORPG. You may be initially turned off by the graphics, but after a half an hour you won't even care! Once you get into it, it's an insanely fun game. The general concept is this: There are two towns (Aresden and Elvine) who fight for survival. You train, level up, get better items, participate in crusades (all out wars), events, and random raids!

Check out this cheesy You Tube vid about it :

Here's how to setup the game:

1. Go to http://www.hbuonline.net/
2. Go to Account > New Account. Fill out the form.
3. Go to Downloads and download the game file under the "Full Game" link.
4. Install the game. Don't run it yet .
5. Download the installed labeled "HB UNITED INSTALLATION" and install the files into the same folder as the main game.
6. Run HB United.exe and login with your account

See you in game!