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    Just wondering, I am not a big nascar fan, but with the issues of Cingular changing to ATT because the courts allowed it, and Nextel now changing the Championship to Sprint, was wondering if anyone thought the iphone would appear on a car this weekend.
    Any thoughts?
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    NASCAR is scared to death about losing Sprint-Nextel over this. The change from Cingualr to AT&T pushed them over the edge. Don't be suprised if it ends up with ATT&T and Alltel getting the boot. Which would suck for Alltel as they had nothing to do with it.
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    yea, I caught part of that on the news the other day. something about Sprint/Nextel now says that they want to be the only carrier sponsorship in Nascar. I think it shows that they are a bit scared of all the hype lately with AT&T.

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