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    Hey Everyone

    I purchased a Rio 500 just now. Decided I wanted a smaller form factor than a Visor/Soundsgood would give me. I can't wait to ditch my cumbersome CD player and CDs. I can stick this thing in a pocket easily and even in an arm pouch on my jacket. Nifty I am looking into expanding its memory with a piece of 64MB Smart Media. The cheapest price I have found online is at Newegg for $49 w/ free Fedex shipping. Do any of you know of any better prices?

    P.S. Boy am I glad this thing supports WMA--64kbps sounds practically the same as 128 on some styles of music (rap to be precise--I could barely tell a difference on Nelle - Ride Wit Me). However with punk bands, like Millencolin it gets degregated really badly. Oh well--with 128MB of RAM total and 64kbps I can fit 4 1/2 hours of music on this baby!
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    NewEgg seems to be the cheapest, and it feels like every week they come out with a new, lower priced 64mb card! I'll probably be buying one next week...

    I personally encode all my music at 96k. I used to do it all at 64k but now that I have an MP3 player in my car, in addition to my Rio 500, I wanted a little bit better sound quality.
    Matt Nichols
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    Ah! Glad to see theres another Rio500 user I see. I can't wait to get mine. If the price of a 64MB piece ever goes for less than $40 I would definitely pounce on that. I wonder if we'll ever see prices like that?

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