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    The fact that the original article uses the phrase "to secure green cards for H1B workers" shows a complete mis-understanding of the system. An H1B visa is a completely different beast to a green card...

    H1b takes about 2-3 months to get (sometimes up to a year). H1B must be renewed every 3 years (often more frequent), and for a MAXIMUM of 6 years. H1B also goes with the job - if you get fired or leave the company, you have to either leave the country, or find another job that will sponsor a new H1B. No hanging around for 6 months trying to find work. This makes it very difficult to move between jobs on H1B visas.

    Green card on the other hand has more freedom - once you have it, it is valid for 10 years, and if you leave one job, you just keep the same card and move to another job. However, it takes AT LEAST a year to get one (if you're highly skilled) and often a lot longer (like 4-5 years). My application pack for the green card was over 300 pages, and included a lot of other things such as having all my vaccinations done over, and lots of letters from overseas and within the US.

    Regardless of the complete lack of credibility of the original article, I will only have sympathy for those who find this practice "against the American worker" when those same people agree that the real thing screwing over the American worker is the high cost of healthcare, and the crappy education system that means there aren't enough poeple to fill the skilled jobs. As for salaries - yes, overseas workers will work for less - maybe because they have less "consumption-oriented lifestyles" so they can survive on lower wages. Yes, you need doouble the salary to ppay for your 3 cars and 10,000 sqft house, but don't complain because someone else can do the same job for less, and is willing to accept living in an apartment with one car!
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    Legal immigration that goes through the proper channels is fine. But do not punish those who have waited patiently in line by having johnny-come-latelys jump in ahead. You do that at a theme park, and your **** could be escorted out the gate. You do that at this weeks iphone line, and an angry mob may very well lynch you.

    Now the line may need to be improved, in fact it actually does. I agree that there are seasonal jobs that may need Temporary workers, but they need to indeed be temporary. An Example:

    The Ocean City Summer Tourism Industry. In the old days, US college kids would work at stores and restaurants on the boradwalk, as lifeguards, etc. They would work all summer and go back to school at the same time as the summer season winded down. Then comes the idea of extending the season, opening up attractions earlier, and keeping them going through September. Who will staff them? The college kids are still in school at the start of the longer season, and they have to quit to go back to school in the fall. Thus, Ukrainian and other international young people (where the seasons and their availability are different) are afforded an opportunity to come here and work for a while. There is a need and a way to fulfill that need. American kids can still work in the resort town, during it's busy summer months, but the place is not totally unstaffed before & after.

    There is a need to learn the English language, though, if people are going to be dealing with the public. Specifically recruiting non-english speakers is a bad move. Conversely, when vacationing in Mexico, I thought I'd have a hard time communicating. However, those working in the tourism areas who dealt with Americans spoke better English than the gal taking my order at the local US McDonald's. There is no excuse for that. If people came to the US legally, they could come and learn the language first, before applying for a job. Their sponsor would foot the bill for their expenses while they are learning, not being a burden on the rest of society.

    There is also the problem of us allowing ourselves to be a safety valve for bad government in other countries. If illegals come here and stay, they may send a few dollars home to mama and papa (which I am sure helps their families), but they do nothing to fundamentally change the culture that allows their country to not develop good-paying jobs in it's own borders. The problems thay are running away from are allowed to continue. These countries and corrupt governments will never improve unless their own people force them to. We have enough corruption in our own government without aiding and abetting corruption elsewhere.

    Immigration can be good, but illegal immigration can make otherwise charitable Americans develop ill-will (if not eventually hatred) where it doesn't have to be. There is some truth to every stereotype, and that kernal of truth is what makes it fester and grow. If no ___________ (fill in the blank with whatever group you want) ever did anything bad, then hatred and bigotry against them would never happen. It would not ring true. But when it seems like more and more of the _________ do not want to assimilate into the culture and be law-abiding, then it is very easy for otherwise righteous anger to be fed and nurtured by nefarious forces that want to stir-up racial/ethnic/whatever bigotry. The sad part is that even the law-abiding are painted with the same brush, and Americans are not given the chance to enjoy the pleasure of their different ________ neighbors.
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