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    You know on iTunes your songs fade in and out when u listen to them.... why doesnt that option follow over to ipod? I would like to have my songs fade in and out when they play on my ipod.. does anyone know of software that i can upload all my songs to which would allow me to have them fade in and out while playing on ipod....?
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    Probably because the iPod doesn't have the processing power of a desktop computer. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $isn$'$t$ $a$ $way$ $to$ $get$ $the$ $iPod$ $to$ $crossfade$. $However$, $if$ $there$ $is$, $I$'$m$ $sure$ $you$'$d$ $be$ $better$ $served$ $by$ $searching$ $at$ $the$ $ilounge$.$com$ $forums$.
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    Try Its a great resource for ipods and I am sure they will have an answer there. Just be careful, the boards are being flooded with iphone posts.
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    thanks guys, i checked out ilounge, allot of useful info and also some hacks, lol

    but it seems u cannot fade songs on the ipod itself, from what the forums say

    : (

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