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    Has anyone else here heard about VIRB?

    It's a wonderful, beautiful social networking site. MySpace? Please!

    Anyway, I created a group on Virb called Treophiles and there's only 4 of us right now whereas the BB group is decently larger.

    So if anyone here wants to see what a social networking site is SUPPOSED to look like... and then join a lovely little group created by me then... do it!

    And no I have no affiliation with Virb other than being a regular user. I just love it... and my Treo.

    and I'm bored at work right now. Come join me
    bouncing off the top of this cloud. I'll be on VIRB.
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    Dude, I'm there...
    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by fleeing the scene of the accident!

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