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    Since I've received so many answers regarding my Treo here (and given some, I hope), I figured I'd try an off topic question: Does anyone in the community know of any legitimate 'work from home' opportunities? I don't need to quit my job and retire to the tropics; just a little something for after the bills. Every email I've responded too promises millions. I don't need promises or millions. Just a little part time gig for some spare change.
    Any suggestion would be appreciated and, given the nature of my question and the humor around here, I'm sure I'll get a laugh or two also...
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    I do photo dvds as a side business. But it doesn't pay the bills.
    I am in the architecture field, and was offered a job working for a reseller of software and providing support. Their employees connect with VOIP and work from home.
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    Merchandising might be a good option. I did a lot of this when I was going to college for some good extra money and know several retired friends who do it either for the extra money or just to have something to do. This is where reps go to local retail chains to represent a specific company or brand. They make sure that posters are up, their product is placed well, sometimes reset a fixture, or do a demonstration of the product for customers, or offer training for employees. It usually is a very flexible schedule, i.e. you have XX visits to make but you can do them anytime within a 1-4 week time frame. If you like people. If you want something that gets you out of the house, while still working from home, then it might be worth looking at.

    The thing too, is that a lot of times you get to keep the product you represent. Like when I was a rep for ALPS printers. I got a dye-sub printer and tons of ink for free. When I was a rep for Microsoft, I got free software and like when I did a demo for any of their hardware (trackball, joystick, etc...) I got to keep it. When I was a rep for Corel I got all of their professional level software for free.
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    if you have a lot of stuff laying around, go eBay.
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    while my wife went back to school, I needed to try to make up some of the lost income from her going to part-time I delivered the local paper for a few years......granted it was 7 days a week; but the last year I did it, I cleared $9,000.

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