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    AvantGo lays off 50 workers, 15 percent of workforce
    Posted by Wes on Wednesday, April 25, 2001 - 9:12 PM EDT

    AvantGo has announced the release of 15% of their workforce with 50 AvantGo workers recently receiving pink slips. The lay offs were triggered after AvantGo reported losses that were more narrow than expected for the quarter. This is in contrast to AvantGo's better than expected performance announced a few months ago. It seems like this sort of thing is becoming a trend in all technology markets, even those which are still growing such as the mobile computing market we have come to know and love.
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    LOL! You just can't forgive them, can you?
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    Originally posted by foo fighter
    LOL! You just can't forgive them, can you?
    BURN! DIE AvantGo....DIE!!

    Just kidding. No, I think that they provide a great service. I just hope that they continue to support the Mac platform with future updates. An OS X version would be nice also, but I think that is asking a bit much, considering that PALM doesnt have a desktop os x out yet.


    - josh
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    I'm not going to complain about conduits working in OS X until Palm Desktop for OS X is released. Who knows, current OS9 conduits may work without modification.
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