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    More than 165 workers detained after agents raid Portland food plant

    "The Northwest food-processing industry depends heavily on immigrant labor to process fruits and vegetables. On Tuesday, only about a dozen workers among the more than 175 at the plant were considered to be legal employees, according to Leigh Winchell, special agent in charge of the ICE regional office in Seattle."

    This just pi$$e$ me OFF! At least they arrested the staffing company people but they say nothing about the plant owners who HAD TO KNOW the workers where not legal. Also, there's no mention of what the employees where getting paid, working conditions, etc.

    One local channel's coverage last night did not even mention if the people responsible for hiring illegals where charge, leading me to call the station and politely rant.
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    The company I work in Hawaii uses an external resource company for personnel matters. There are no personnel records in our facility - everything is at the external resource company's facility. I work for one company, am supervised by the company's management and get paid by and benefits from the external resource company. It does though seem like an inkling should exist.

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    Hey daThomas, keep your nose out of our business down here.

    This issue is obvously more widespread, but it disturbing nonetheless. My co. employs 400+ people, a good number of which are hispanic. Our temp agency guarantees the legal status of their people and we ask all of our new hires to confirm the same.

    Verifying the legal working status of employees is not that difficult. Employers that knowingly hire undocumented workers should definitely be punished.
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