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    Since the audience here at are of the above average variety (a good thing [tm] mind you! ), I need some suggestions.

    I recently moved from a Motorola StarTac to a Nokia 8200 series wireless and I am in the process of replacing accessories. One of the accessories I need suggestions on is the case.

    On the StarTac, I used a Raine 075T phone pouch case. A picture of it can be found here. I had wasted money on three other cases before finding this one and I liked it.

    Raine states that the 075T can also be used for the Nokia 8200 series (see here). Well, an 8200 can be inserted but the fit is a bit loose. It will do for now but I would rather have a better fit.

    I have an e-mail in to Raine about this and to see if one of the other models might be better (like the 075T2 or the 075M3; however I feel the 075T2 will still be loose fitting and the 075M3's strap might not reach).

    Here's where I need some suggestions-- if you know of a case that...

    * can be used with a 8200-series Nokia

    * has a velcro fastened belt loop (no loop snaps, clip or permanent sewed loop-- where I have to unfasten my belt)

    * and is a form fitting jobbies

    ...can you point me in that direction? It looks like pouch cases for the 8800-series might also work, but I dunno.

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    AHHHH. You've turned to the darkside. Getting ride of a Startac should be considered a sin.

    On a more serious note though. Try the case for the 88xx series (Look on the Nokia website because one of the 88xx series is larger than another one of that series). Because of nearly the same size, I think that this might do what you're looking for.

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    Thanks for the tip; I'm now cruising at websites containing 8800-series accessories.

    The Nokia site indeed show different OEM cases for the 8860 and 8890 models currently in production for the US-- but one has a belt clip (bzzzt!) and the other is wrap with a clip (no thank you!).

    But at least adding the 88xx will increase the selection.

    Re: The Dark Side.

    Hey, I make a living dealing with Redmond so I feel comfortable with it

    Besides, I needed a phone that supported 800/1900 TDMA and analog... I'd switch providers to use a 7860-series but I'm getting the service for free... a corporate plan. I haven't had to pay for wireless since '96

    The 7797 would have been the one to replace my 7790 and for a short time it was-- but that thing was a poor performer (my guess is the design choice of using a stubby antenna instead of a retractable. And I wasn't thrilled that replacement retractables could damage the 7797 since it wasn't designed for a retractable).

    And the Talkabout T80xx was no different-- I got better reception with my old 7790.

    So, it was off to another manufacture. A test drive (or two) later, and I came back to the office with a 8260.
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