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    Never again. I bought a 2001 Chevrolet Duramax. I have had the truck for 1yr and put 25k miles on it. I have dropped $1500 in repairs on this Truck.
    On the other hand I have owned 3 used BMWs: a 1987 535i sold it at 200k had it for 3 years money spend $1000. 1989 325ix for 6 years money spent $2000 and a 1996 328i owned for 3 years money spent $2300, mitsubishi Galant 1989 owned for 2 years and spent $300.
    I take very good care of my cars, I guess GM just can't make a quality car. This thing os going up for sale today. This is so frustrating. ARRGGGHHH
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    Sorry for your frustration. I can imagine how disgusted you must have become.

    I'm really disappointed, too. I would like to see GM get better products out there, but they just can't seem to get it right.

    I think the unions were the demise of the entire NA auto industry.
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    Did you buy it used? Maybe the original owner beat it.
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    I always buy my cars used. I do realize that some don't take care of their cars. But, the miles where low on this truck and it had a good matienance record.
    I don't knw how Fords are. But, I also have owned 2 jeeps a Jeep Wrangler 01 and Jeep Cherokee. Both great with very few problems. I am picking up a Jeep Liberty next week and selling the Duramax.

    I hate to see shows like Top Gear that bring out American Cars and bash them. Like the Hummer H2, Caddilac Escalade vs Range Rover or how they laughed at the hideous Pontiac Aztec. C'mon GM, make some better than average cars...
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    Was that duramax a diesel, if so the diesel boards are full of the same type of complaints, cummins, ford(IH) etc. everyone keeps waiting for a toyota diesel. I have had 2 problems with my 04 F250 but the ford is still lite years behind the other imports.
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    Love my Pontiac Grand Prix, of course I am the original owner and haven't had problems. I always buy new or lease. I always went by the school of thought that buying used bought you others problems.
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    Duramax is diesel. I love the power of the diesel. Of all the diesel trucks chevy has the best ratings for higher quality.
    If that is the case, i'd hate to see what dodge of ford is like.

    Tundra diesel, huh? That does sound interesting. I think I'll wait and buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD or the Jeep Liberty CRD. Jeeps rock by themselves, but a diesel one is that much better.
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    Make sure you check out the diesel forums, they all have problems just like Treo's
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    I just bought a new Dodge Caravan (price was right). They gave me a free 1,000 mile checkup. I'm betting it's a ploy to get me used to spending time in the service center.

    All things being equal, I'd take an "import" over one of the "Big 3" any day.
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