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    I have about $12k to spend. The suv needs to be capable off road, limited road noise, good rear leg room. I have narrowed it down to a few.
    Jeep Liberty
    Nissan Xterra.
    Let me know what you think or if you have any other SUVs in mind.
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    The xterra is a nice one. I almost bought that one myself but got a trailblazer instead because of all the end of year closeout deals GM was having at the time. The problem I found is that Nissan doesn't seem to have the same deals as other manufacturers often. The truck itself is nice but pretty spartan as far as options on the inside...although it does look nice from the outside. I put 22" wheels on my truck and totally chromed it out with new grill and dress kits and put a leveling kit on it as well... also make sure you find a good forum for whatever suv you decide. I visit trailvoy for my suv and found it invaluable...
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    Stay away from the Liberty. It is top heavy, and very narrow. I am 250 lbs and 5'-9" and felt cramped in the suv. Believe it or not these are the SUV's I have owned/ leased since I got my license in 92:
    Ford Explorers (4) including the 2 door sport edition.
    GMC Jimmy- hated it.
    Ford Explorer Sport Trac- The pickup version. Great Ride both on and off road.
    Saturn Vue- AWD 6 cyclinder- great SUV and price- at the end of the lease had to get a minivan for the family.
    Mercury Mountaineer- eh, its an awd ford.
    Brother had the Mercury Mariner- nice ride and roomy for a small SUV.
    Take a look at the Honda CRV.
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    I use to have a jeep cherokee sport edition that I loved. I have no idea why jeep replaced this model with the liberty.
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    I've had two full-size Ford explorers and two Explorer Sports. The sports are fun to drive but their wheelbase leaves them unstable and they're horrible in snow. I love my explorer - just don't love gas prices right now. We also have an Escape, and it actually handles better than the explorer - not as much power, but not as much $$ to fill the tank either.
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    I love my Envoy!!!! Just a little gas greedy. but she's worth it! :-)

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