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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal View Post you know of any references of Dems who support cracking down hard on businesses with more and tighter penalties with the desire to enforce them? Without recalling anything specific from memory....maybe Lieberman....

    You're kidding right? And besides that, you said Dems. What the heck does Lieberman have to do with the Democrats?

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    No...I am serious. I am not doubting they are there at all....I just cannot recall or find any Dems who actively want to increase the penalties for businesses hiring illegals and lay out a plan to increase it's enforcement.

    If the Rep want this and the Dems want this.....why have they not done this?
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    This is the million dollar question.
    I have to wonder if its because both parties receive campaign funding from businesses guilty of this behavior, and taking a stand against them will lead those companies to rip monetary support out from underneath the party in favor of a crackdown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    This is the million dollar question.
    I have to wonder if its because both parties receive campaign funding from businesses guilty of this behavior, and taking a stand against them will lead those companies to rip monetary support out from underneath the party in favor of a crackdown.
    :slilght hijacking mode on:

    and that is why I hate the current "way of doing political business" in the US. I hate the fact that campaigns are privately funded instead of publically funded.

    I realize that the argument goes... well its a free country and I should be able to give my money to whomever I want to to support their ideas... true but if it was publically funded we would really know what a candidate TRUELY stands for.

    Its like in sports, the teams with the most money can sign the best free agents, therefore potentiall buy their championships. Cept usually they dont make the best teams...

    :slight hijacking rant mode off:
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    It starts today....

    Immigration Battle Begins In Senate
    Senate Opens Debate On Controversial Immigration Reform Legislation

    The debate over immigration policy is likely to tie up the Senate for a while, a leading Republican says.

    "It's got to go on for at least a couple of weeks to give everybody the opportunity in the Senate to feel like they've had their chance to offer amendments that they think would improve the bill," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Sunday.

    The bill, which the Senate begins debating Monday, would offer legal status to most of the nation's 12 million illegal immigrants while also toughening border security.

    Full story:
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    With parts of the 500 plus page bill being made available there are apparently some very troubling items that allow politicians to say one thing, but in reality having it act like something else. I heard this while driving on Sat Radio (on one of the big 3 news rooms) that was reporting on an article in one of the NY papers who interviewed an immigration attorney that was an adviser to Ashcroft.....but I haven't found the article yet that was from one of the NY papers, so this is going off of memory....

    BACKGROUND CHECK: It states that the illegal alien will be able to get a temp visa and go on their way if the background check does not pull any hits with 24 hours!!!! Now, I have to conduct background checks for each of my employees when they are hired, it takes anywhere from 3 days to nearly 2 weeks to get some of the court houses and other gov agencies to respond back concerning criminal records. If this passes like this, the background check is a total farce who's only value is for politicians to have a nice sounding soundbite.

    12 MONTH OPEN DOOR POLICY: There will be a 12 month period where any illegal alien only has to show one single piece of paper with a date before the deadline and they will be accepted. No verification beyond that will be sought. This could lead to a made rush into the country from the moment this bill passes to the end of that 12 month period. Now if the border has to be secured before that 12 months starts this can easily be up to a 3 year window from now that will only invite a rush and surge of illegal aliens to come here.

    DO NOT HAVE TO PAY BACK TAXES: Listening to the report I was not sure if this was part of this bill or another one that it will have to work with.....but apparently Ted Kennedy put in a provision that the illegal aliens has to pay back taxes that they have not paid while working in the US. Pres Bush took this off the table and refused to hold them accountable for their back taxes not paid. This is estimated into the Billions. Heck I get fined for being a day late in paying my taxes, let along I will be going to jail if I refused.

    ILLEGAL ACTS DISMISSED: If you, a legal citizen, in this country were to not pay taxes for years, what would happen? You would go to jail. If you, a legal citizen, were to use a false Soc Sec or steal someone else ID for employment, applying for gov assistance, or gaining credit or credit cards what would happen? You would go to jail. This bill will dismiss all of these offenses with a free get out of jail card. There will be no consequences for an illegal alien committing these crimes that, especially with the stolen IDs has very real and devastating consequences for it's victims.

    Again for the most part, even though I do not agree with points, over all I still agree with the principle concepts of this bill as a first step (but as more details comes out that may change).....but the Devil is in the details.
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    The bill is dead, which IMHO is more of a good thing than a bad one. There were many good points and many points of great concern for me. But many of the items that were originally agreed upon were voted down, mostly by Dems on these points. Here is the summary of the end of it all for the time being:

    Senate blocks Bush's immigration bill

    WASHINGTON — Conservative Republican senators and a handful of Democrats joined forces Thursday to effectively kill a controversial immigration bill, one of President Bush's top domestic priorities. The Senate, 53 to 46, refused to limit debate on the measure and clear the way for a vote on final passage. Supporters needed at least 60 votes to prevail in the cloture vote.

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    It is great that the bill is dead. Enforce the laws on the books. Ben
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