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    According to this CNET article, Apple may announce new products May 1. There may also be an announcement regarding the new APPLE Stores opening across the country.

    Check it out:
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    I wouldn't be surprised if when they open the new stores they release some new machines at the same time. I personally like the idea of the widescreen iMac's. I might have to go buy one then .

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    Sounds pretty convincing to me. They really need to fix those high end tower prices, the 733MHz (G4 7450) could barely outpace the 533MHz (G4 7410).
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    I hope they open a store in Houston!
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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    Minneapolis is not that far, is it? =P
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    They are opening a store in Chicago, but that's too far for me! Please open one in Fort Wayne. Indy would be nice, but for me that's almost as bad as having to drive to Chicago!

    Personally, I think Apple would see an increase in overall sales just by offering the PowerMac G4 towers and PowerBook in retail channels. Circuit City and Sears only carry iMacs. I know many people who think the iMac is Apple's only product!
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    I don't know much about Macs but I'm pretty sure that the G4 target market is not the crowd who shop at Circuit City/Sears. The only place where you can get high-end Macs retail, off the top of my head, is CompUSA.
    Matt Nichols
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    Yeah, I doubt people shopping for a low end computer would be very impressed with a $1700 tower without a monitor, no matter how nice they look. Now if they had people that stood around and explained to people the advantages to owning a Mac...
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    Apple just cut ties with Sears. Which is probably for the best (I went there once to purchase a ZIP drive. I spent 15 minutes with the sales clerking arguing with him that the Super-Disk drive he was showing me was NOT a ZIP drive )

    I wasn't aware that they ever sold Macs at Circuit Cities. I know Best Buy had them for a while.

    CompUSA is pretty much the only chain that sells Macs right now, and you can get the full line there.

    And, as stated, Miradu, there will be an Apple Store in downtown Minneapolis. I'd vote for St. Paul myself, but, hey, what can we do?
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    Im just crossing my fingers for Seattle!
    God bless the USA! The country I love, and will support at all costs.

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