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    Anyone have a good workout routine that burns fat/add muscle? I've been sick for 2weeks and while I am gettin my summer workout routine together I thought I'd change a few things.
    BTW, I spend 45min to 60min working out each day.
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    I chase my kids around all day and eat a huge bowl of ice cream right before bed as a reward...maybe you could try that.
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    I started bike commuting every other day a few years ago which is about 40 minutes each way. On the days I don't bike commute I hit a 4 station weight stack machine doing situps and arm curls in between the stations.

    All easy quick and takes little time as the bike is the commute and the weight days are lunch hour.

    Results? I'm in the best shape of my life.

    DO use a whey protein supplement. I also use Creatine Supplements which 'seem' to help in recovery.
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    My brother is on his honeymoon, but when he gets back I could ask him.
    He is ripped and works out an hour every day.......

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