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    I'd love to get one too. Thanks!

    zaxxon (at) gmail (dot) com
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    [strike]I have one that was sent to me. If possible I'll give it to someone else as I won't use it. PM me.[/strike]

    It's gone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    intive me too please. codi860 at gmail dot com

    thanks if you do.
    sent invite to you. as only email on first page lol. make a list emails so members can keep sending invites.
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    My addy is "e.linscheid (at) comcast (dot) net

    Invite please kind people
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    Can i get one too please....dstudboy1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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    if you guys want just pm me all your addys and ill send them out Sunday night im leaving soon for the weekend. it will make it much easier so i don't forget.
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    pm sent!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjvitek View Post
    pm sent!
    invite sent. all pms i got have been invited as of today. so keep sending them pms.
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    Anyone still testing this? Just updated to 0.10.8 version, seems to be smoother now.
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    Well, all I know is that for some random reason it stopped working in Vista after i did some updates. I downloaded the latest version and it still didn't work - would double click to start, the egg-timer/spinny thing would twirl, indicating it was thinking about doing something, and then it would just stop and no further action. Task manager indicates no background joost task running, so I guess it just didn't like something.

    Add in the crappy content (old episodes of cartoons, a couple national geographic documentaries and some music videos) and I decided to delete it altogether.
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    If anyone still needs a joost invite pm me with name and email address and I will be happy to share.
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