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    Ah. Yes. As opposed to your contradictory viewpoint trust the government to be the sole possessor of lethal force
    Where did I say that? Where did I imply in any way that guns should banned outright?

    What I have said, more or less, that your guns will be the equivalent of nurf guns compared to our modern military. But I'm sure you'll find a few friends deep in the mountains of Montana that will share your opinion that your guns will help you overthrow our government some know, when they decide to "come and get em'" to use your lingo and the government prys them from your "cold, dead hands" to use NRA lingo. Tough talk from a man with such little little guns....

    ...but don't let them listen in on terrorist communications.
    I'm OK with them listening in on terrorist communications if they HAVE A WARRANT. It's the whole WARRANTLESS listening I have an issue with because it subject to abuse. And guess what? The government is off to a great start by demanding access to telecommunication customer databases without backing them up with subpeonas.
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    So you agree that not having a gun makes it harder for a nut to commit mass murder. That's all you had to say.
    Well, no it's not because the method of their not having that gun seems to be the issue.
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