If you haven’t met Ms. Dewey, she is a product of Microsoft that displays “Windows Live Search” results to the viewer after he or she types a question to Ms. Dewey. She makes silly gestures and comments between searches and before displaying any search results.

Sometimes, her comments are dead on, other times they are dead wrong. The comments are meant to be funny and/or cute. If the subject matter is of a sensitive matter, the comments can come off as not only inappropriate but even insensitive.

Like if you search for “VirginiaTech Killings “ she blurts “That’s an oldie but a goodie – a classic. Almost like an old friend, you haven’t seen in years. Maybe you owe him money and he’s waiting for you at home to surprise you, chain smoking in the dark, holding an Uzi. Such memories”.

If I try “Virginia Tech Killings” she thinks I am talking about a rap, so she yells, “DROP THE BASS! (Bebop sounds)”, another search of the same terms inspires “Ah yes, Hip Hop. A culture defined by rapping, dee-jaying, graffiti and break dancing. Or as I like to say, scratchin, spitin, sprayin and spinnin.

She switches the sayings up and repeats after about 4-5.
You will bore quickly as the search results are often off as well