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    I figure that the Treo community is so knowledgable , I am more apt to get an answer here than on some of the Vista sites.

    I have a Compaq (HP) Laptop with NVidia cards. As some of you may know, despite these laptops being touted as Vista Ready, many vendors, including Nvidia do not have the proper drivers ready.

    My question is, which method of update should I be using to get the latest drivers: Windows Update, HP Update, or direct download from the Nvidia Site. I am not knowledgeable enough about the graphics cards systems to figure out all the different components. I do know that I have the GeForce Go 6150 GPU

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    Directly from the NVidia Site is my suggestion. However, do not expect all updates to work. I have a HP printer that has a Vista upgrade for it and I cannot get it to work with my laptop. Oh, well.


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