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    I find this kind of debate quite annoying.

    I love Macs, you hate them, some are in between. Yes, PCs are less expensive.


    I have yet to find anyone that gives a crap about price, save for a PC person.

    I bought my iMac because it was new, fast (at the time, and still is thanks to upgrades) and mostly because it looked awesome. The price had no effect on my decision because I wanted a Mac. If I was deciding between a Mac and any PC.... BASED ON PRICE ALONE....I would pick the PC.


    As someone said before, the Mac is pure fun from startup to shutdown. I just find it much less aggravating to use than the use of a Windows (windoze?) machine.


    Yeah, argue all you want. It comes down to this. For some things like games....I pick the PC. For graphics and creative work, I pick the Mac. For everything else in between, like e-mail, web, etc....I pick the Mac simply because it's fun, easy, and more user-friendly.

    It's not that I hate's just that I prefer the Mac.

    And no one can take that away from me or any other Mac user. Try all you want, but each side will stay put on their ideas and ways, however they may be.

    I'm not saying that anyone here is wrong, just....misunderstood and misinformed.

    And in reality....

    You need to Think Different.

    I know that I do.
    "Programming is the struggle between programmers building bigger and better
    ***** proof systems and the universe building bigger and better idiots."
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    Originally posted by Toby
    It is not that Vulcans lack emotion, but rather that they do not let emotion interfere with their decision-making process.
    Actually that doesn't sound too bad. I think I'll have you make all my decisions from now on.

    Apple does charge a premium for upgrades, but the Cube seems to be the worst. Even when knowing what to expect I was surprised the first time I saw the differences between those two models.
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